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Slit Seeding

Slit seeding allows us to over-seed your lawn without extensive soil preparation. This makes it an ideal process to use on existing lawns.

Slit seeding cuts a very narrow slice through the existing lawn without destroying the lawn. The equipment we use then deposits the appropriate grass seed directly in contact with the soil at the right spacing. The result: thins lawns will be thin no more.

Ideal time for seeding in our area is early late summer (early September). Temperatures are usually cooler during this period, with slightly more rainfall than during the hot days of August. One of the most common causes for seeding to fail is allowing the new seedlings to dry out.

Keep your soil evenly moist during the first 3 weeks after planting. If Mother Nature doesn't provide enough rainfall after seeding, it's important that you provide a little extra water to your lawn. This will insure proper germination and root development during the most critical time of the seeds development.

Benefits of Overseeding and Aerating Existing Lawns

Overseeding existing lawns helps maintain thick lawns. Over time some soils will become compacted, creating a poor environment for turf grass roots. Regular aeration will help maintain the natural balance of microbes and organic matter in the soil-- creating a healthy environment for grass roots to develop. Combined with aeration, over-seeding will help fill in those bare spots.

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