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Lawn Care Program

Grassroots Lawn Care program includes 6 scheduled visits throughout the growing season. We typically use a slow release fertilizer that provides important nutrients and micro nutrients over a longer period of time. This means no sudden bursts of top growth that require lots of additional mowing. Instead, our granular fertilizer dissolves into the soil slowly, providing just the right balance of nutrients for strong root development and lush green top growth.

Our program also includes a special organic application as well as weed control.

Slow release granular fertilizer with a special pre emergent weed control that stops invasive crabgrass in its tracks.

Slow release granular fertilizer with a 2nd pre emergent weed control that extends your grassy weed protection long into the summer months when most of these types of weed become visible in unprotected lawns.

Another granular slow release fertilizer application with additional micro nutrients to keep your soil in top growing condition. We also spot treat for any broadleaf weeds that have appeared.

At this critical time in the growing season we apply a special natural organic fertilizer that greatly improves your soil's structure throughout the rest of the the growing season. Over time this organic fertilizer application will make it easier for your turf grass to absorb more nutrients, water and air from the soil. We will also continue to spot treat any additional broad leaf weeds that may have drifted in or been brought in by birds.

As we begin to approach the cooler days of fall, we also approach the best time of the year to provide supplemental fertilizer for your lawn. At this time of year, sunlight levels are decreasing and so the top growth of you lawn is not growing as fast. However, the root system continues to grow. By providing a high nitrogen fertilizer at this time, we keep the top growth of your turf grass health and productive, producing more energy for roots to develop. This is a critical time for your lawn's future vitality and health. We will also do a final spot treatment for any new weeds that may have shown up. This goes a long way in preventing weeds from growing in the lawn over winter.

This is the final fertilizer application of the year. It gives your turf grass a balanced blend of nutrients to keep it strong and viable throughout the upcoming colder months of winter. Next spring your lawn will green up faster and healthier.

Pelletized Lime: Lime sweetens the soil making the essential nutrients available to the turf grass plants allowing for a strong healthy lawn. This application is a maintenance level treatment that keeps your soil in the proper ph balance.

Grub Treatment: Guaranteed season-long control using Merit (applied at the same time as either your Late Spring or Summer Service).

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