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Mulch Installation

Mulch Installation and Blowing

Mulch is an attractive finishing touch to your landscape. When applied properly, mulch not only makes your landscape look better, but also benefits your garden's soil by adding organic matter that actually becomes part of the soil as it slowly decomposes over the years.

Mulching also helps maintain your soil's quality and combats erosion.

Grassroots Lawn Care spreads your choice of mulch as a protective layer upon the topsoil that keeps the soil cool and evenly moist over a long period of time, providing an optimum growing potential for your plants and flowers.

Best of all, mulch is a great way to enhance your landscape.

This option gives your flower beds a finished look and enhances your curbside appeal. Grass Roots mechanically "edges" all our mulched beds, for a clean crisp finished look every time!

Mulch Blowing

Large applications

Grassroots can also make your larger mulch applications go much faster! We blow our mulch for larger areas. This requires less time on the job and quicker installation for your property. You can expect that we will cut down job time by up to 33% on your property, and also decrease our fees up to -15% off, depending on the size and space that you need. This means neat express service with no extra clean up or messy site issues!

Blowing Mulch

Our blower system is capable of producing 70 yards of mulch per day, and saves up to 15% off actual mulch cost to you. Because our blower mulch is applied evenly and uniformly, we leave your property with a smooth and professional look.

Landscape Design and Mulch Installation

  • Available in attractive colors and materials
  • Soil erosion protection
  • Soil condition improvement
  • Conserves moisture
  • Enhances aesthetic quality

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